Marzipan. Yes or No?

My sister sent this photo of some marzipan pigs.

Almond paste confections taste good to me,  but I know a lot of people who pass, no matter what shape or color the marzipan takes.

I’m sure you’ve seen fruits and vegetables, animals, or marzipan incorporated into a pastry at a bakery.  Some people find it gross.

Marzipan at the Daring Gourmet recipe and history

Marzipan, yes or no?

Good luck for the New Year.



14 thoughts on “Marzipan. Yes or No?

  1. A big YES from me, too!! Especially in Christmas Stollen from Trader Joes or
    Medi-Terra Bakehouse. The latter was sent in a “brown paper package, tied up with string!!!!”
    Marzipan is definitely a “favorite thing!!!!” 🙂 XOXO

  2. Anything almond for me! Marzipan in small amounts. Cute pig and “good luck” to you too!

  3. Maybe. I’m not opposed and I will try them but they always look better then they taste.

  4. I’m a no on marzipan. I’ve tried it, and to me it tastes like wax. That said, I read an article that said, “Don’t yuck my yum” – so if you find it yummy, that’s all that matters. 🙂

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