Presidents on a Teapot – 1966

LBJ is the last president printed on it.

My friend Joanne give me teapot.

Monday February 15 is Presidents Day-clickHistory here

The date imprinted on the bottom of the teapot is 1966. Not sure if newer versions of Presidents on a teapot exist.

12 thoughts on “Presidents on a Teapot – 1966

  1. Ruth – perfect for president’s day and what a fun gift to get
    thanks for showing us the bottom – to see the japan 1966 adds to the vibe of the teapot
    do you use it regularly?

  2. What a beautiful teapot, makes a great conversation piece and perfect for todays post. A gift to cherish!

  3. I also was wondering if they made updated presidential teapots. Some truly great men on that one. And some truly not so great men. Happy Presidents Day!

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