Lilies in the Backyard

They’ve returned again this year, untended. There was a big thunderstorm storm last night so I’m glad I photographed them before the pelting rain did them in. I’m amazed how they come back again and again. They don’t seem to mind the surrounding weeds.

18 thoughts on “Lilies in the Backyard

  1. Beautiful Lilies, love the color. I have yellow lilies only. Such a hardy perennial. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful Ruth. You must not have deer where you live, here in Braddock Hills the deer eat the lilies immediately. The soft pink color is especially lovely.

    • Good point. I had a fawn in my garden last year but I guess they didn’t return this season. I saw a list of deer resistant plants but none as lovely as this lily. Thanks Sylvia.

  3. What a beautiful picture! (Your lilies are hardier than they look — I spent an entire weekend trying to dig out a patch once. I can’t remember who won…)

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