Coffee, Earl Grey Tea Bread and a Remembered Poem

After our walk, my friends Jen snd I Went to have a coffee. There was a slice of of Earl Grey Tea Bread in the case and she’d had it before. Encouraged me to order snd try it . It was brought to the table with a generous amount butter and lemon zest on top.

We were at de Fer Coffee in the Strip District. And she was right. It was delicious. The butter slathered on top reminded me of the A.A, Milne poem the King’s Breakfast when the Dairymaid asks the Alderney “Don’t forget the butter for
The Royal slice of bread.” I’d say the cow did the butter spreading royally!

Remembering how my mother read aloud to me, this is a poem I can hear her voice recite the verses. Another she’d read with great expression was Milne’s poem Disobedience. I’d not thought of either in years.

Until the slice of bread arrived at the table in the coffee shop.

Funny how a slice of bread with lots of butter sparks a childhood memory of a poem being read aloud and the cadence and tone of a mother’s voice can come alive in your head, decades later.

Once my cousin John B wrote that my mother’s voice was mellifluous. I had to look it up!

16 thoughts on “Coffee, Earl Grey Tea Bread and a Remembered Poem

  1. What better way to start the day, than a morning walk. The Tea Bread & coffee look delicious. So I too had to look up mellifluous. Strange how simple things can spark a memory. I’m sure that memory of your mom put a smile on your face.

  2. That earl grey tea bread looks delicious, especially with all the butter. Speaking of sparking memories, when I make challah, I see my grandmother’s hands kneading the dough. Of course, they’re my hands.

  3. Okay, so I had to look it up too. Never heard the word before. What a great word and definition. Somebody is well read with a unique vocabulary. It reminded me of our mother who would tell us bed time stories that she would create. No two were alike. I hear her voice often. So calming. Thanks Ruth. What a great way to enjoy your morning.

  4. I didn’t have to look up mellifluous, but I had to look up Alderney, and I found out that it’s a breed of dairy cattle originating from the British Channel Island of Alderney.

    • Would you believe that when I was a child growing up NJ, we got our milk from Alderney Dairy? I remember a metal milkbox with that lettering embossed where the glass quart bottles were delivered.

  5. Tastes and aromas are so effective at sparking memories and “taking us back.”

    Thanks for an interesting and well written share.

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