Little Library at the Bus Stop

I had to stop and get out of my car to photograph this new (to me) scene.

Little Libraries have been posted on the blog before -in the snow , one Laura found and one in Pittsburgh on Friendship Avenue

Here’s the one I saw today

And a bench to sit on and read while you wait for the bus

15 thoughts on “Little Library at the Bus Stop

  1. They are brilliant, aren’t they, Ruth? In fact, I almost included one in today’s post, sitting quietly beside our cafe, I almost didn’t spot it!

  2. These little libraries are great. The bus stop with the bench is a perfect public location. We usually drop off children’s books. We have one on the dining room table ready to go. I cannot remember where or when I saw the first one of these. There are quite a few now. Wonder who started them.

  3. I was recently in San Antonio,TX. These little libraries are everywhere. None of them were as formal as the one pictured.

  4. What a perfect place for a LFL. I absolutely love this library concept. The founder, Todd Bol (since deceased), donated a LFL to my hometown in rural southwestern Minnesota in 2012. He traveled hundreds of miles with his wife to install it himself. I met him there, along with local community leaders, for this momentous event in a community without a library.

    Here’s my original post about that happy occasion:

    Thank you, Ruth, for appreciating LFLs as much as I do. The installation of the mini library in my hometown prompted the Vesta Community Cafe to place shelves inside for more books.

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