Family Album 1944

Family Picnic 1944 Durand, Illinois

Front row: Paul Van Sickle, Mary Hendricks on Roy Hendricks, Marian Van Sickle Hendricks, Elizabeth Van Sickle, Kathryn Van Sickle, Rhea Van Sickle holding Martha Van Sickle

Back row: John R. Van Sickle, John B. Van Sickle standing in front of Robert Van Sickle and Judd Van Sickle

My grandmother Charlotte must have taken the photo.

9 thoughts on “Family Album 1944

  1. I continue to be amazed by all your family photos. Truly a treasure.

    Nearly two years ago, when I was tasked with sorting through my mom’s photos and photo albums, I came across about a two-inch square photo of her sister Deloris, who died of whooping cough at nine months. It sparked me to write a piece of creative non-fiction which published in an anthology. This photo of my aunt made her “real” and made me feel such sadness at her death. How fortunate we are to now have vaccines for these once-deadly diseases.

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