Front Porch Find

In sweeping up some leaves, a stitch marker turned up by the pile.

From front porch knitting.

You never know where they’ll appear. Between couch cushions, too. Have yet to find one in the bottom of any bowls of soup!

After I posted, I saw on IG The Crafty Jackalope in Vancouver BC, asked followers to “Tell me you’re a knitter without telling me.” She had posted a photo of yarn hanging out of a car door. I messaged her this photo I took yesterday and she sent back a fun emoji!

12 thoughts on “Front Porch Find

  1. Okay, dead giveaway, I’m not a knitter. Which is the stitch marker, the red or the green thing? Or maybe it is a trick question. Is it one of the leaves?

    • The green flat-Cheerio is the stitch marker but If you tied the red yarn in a circle it would work, too.

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