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LC (Little Cat) isn’t the only one who hides under the cowhide. You may have seen her cattail peeking out from under this exact spot on the Wordless Wednesday post. I took the kitty photo on Sunday when I went to my friends house for lunch

This evening I received these photos from my friend. Jen Salvatore sent them in response to Wordless Wednesday’s post.

Meet Winnie, the rescue dog.

Jen says:

Winnie…she’s our rescue dog…mostly part black lab/American pit bull.She like to play with her toys under there. 🙂

She’s was named after the movie Hocus Pocus…since she was a hopeful adoptee for October. We kept the name since she knew it. 🙂

Winnie takes a turn under the cowhide
photo by Jen
Winnie’s favorite hiding spot photo by Jen
Winnie the Rescue Dog photo by Jen

I told Jen the pics of her pets worked perfectly with the black and white hide and that a Golden Retriever’s coat just wouldn’t be the same.

4 thoughts on “Winnie the Rescue Dog Guest Blog

  1. Winnie is a great looking dog. We are sure she is a loved and loving part of the family. She just has that look. She reminds us of our dogs. Each had a special place in our home and in our hearts. We miss them.

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