M&M’S Yes or No?

Peanut or Regular M&M’S yes or no?

M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Candies were introduced in 1954 and the color used to print the “m” on M&M’S Plain and Peanut Chocolate Candies was changed from black to white” you can design your own. Personalize them, too.

They were so colorful. Like paint chips! I had to photograph them.

29 thoughts on “M&M’S Yes or No?

  1. I am very disciplined when it comes to M&M’s. I like both but would prefer regular. And I eat only one (bag) at a time. dc

  2. I seem to remember, that when I was a child the US FDA said the red dye used in M&M’s caused cancer, so the M&Ms company simply quit making red. Relatively recently read has been reintroduced.
    I prefer no peanuts

  3. Plain or with peanuts…good either way…we just visited our grandchildren near Philadelphia for Christmas and they baked cookies with their Grammie…they decorated them with M&Ms..the family size bag is always close at hand…

  4. Oh Mand M’s are so colorful! I am working on a color book,my thoughts on coior and m&m’s are a good one. They are fun to eat and indeed colorful. Yes they are fun to eat.

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