Giant Rabbit Art

Rabbit Art in Downtown Pittsburgh.

When Steve came home from work we drove down to 8th and Penn Avenue to see the fifty-foot inflatable rabbit, part of the Intrude Installation . It wasn’t there!

We found the three smaller Rabbits on 7th Avenue. A person protecting the display was able to tell me why the fifty-foot rabbit wasn’t to be found. I discovered they check the wind and so the fifty- foot rabbit had been deflated to keep it safe.

Here are the rabbits I did see. by Australian Artist Amanda Parer

6 thoughts on “Giant Rabbit Art

  1. I find this especially interesting since I graduated from a rural Minnesota high school with a white rabbit mascot. We were “the Rabbits.” The name came from the Native American town name when translated into English was “White Rabbit.”

    • That’s the first time I’ve heard of a rabbit mascot. I’m hoping I can find the giant one soon

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