How Old is Your Spice?

Thinking about the spice jars on the shelf.

Where do you keep yours? A spice rack, a drawer, a cupboard?

How old is your spice? That’s the question.

I received a gift of a jar of Bagel-on-Grant spices at Christmas (thank you Amy) and as I put it on my spice shelf today, I looked at the other little jars and thought about how long they’ve been on the shelf.

Some spices are used often, so get replenished more often but some little jars just sit. A pinch or smidge here or there, but just sitting. For years!

I think it’s time to clean out the spice collection.

The new one is the fresh looking white label in the photo. The Steel City Salt Company is across the Allegheny River in Millvale, Pennsylvania. I just checked out their website and they are on a family vacation until February 3rd but they’ll fill online orders upon their return.

Here’s an article from Still Tasty about the shelf life of spices

Bagel-on-Grant seasoning is the new spice.
The jar of cardamom was new before a Christmas.

9 thoughts on “How Old is Your Spice?

  1. I started buying smaller jars of rarely used spices. I throw out old ones regularly. If it no longer smells like the spice, it’s gone.

  2. Another great post. I went thru mine recently, ashamed at how many were way past the best buy date. The article you mentioned helped. I love that bagel one, I got a jar at Trader Joe’s called everything but the bagel. I will check out the company you mentioned. dc

  3. I am so guilty! I have dozens of jars of spices in my pantry, and all of them are at least 4 years old. I guess it’s time to purge and replace with only those I actually use.

  4. We keep our spices in a dedicated drawer in the kitchen – and you would be embarrassed by how old some of my spices are! 😀

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