City Snow

Right after a snow storm, the trees branches are outlined, city sounds are muffled and as the snowfall accumulates, everything looks clean and beautiful.

Time passes and the pretty snow doesn’t look so pristine.

Parking lots have piles of dirty snow where the plows have cleared the snow

4 thoughts on “City Snow

  1. Time passes and what remains are the fond memories of special, sometimes momentary happenings. They are often fleeting, like the freshly fallen snow which is why we all need to take the time to recognize and appreciate the moment. dc

  2. The snowfall here today (Sunday) has covered the dirty snow with a fresh coat of clean snow to be enjoyed for the next day or so. I agree that we need to appreciate each moments.They are too far and in between.

  3. We get a lot of clean/dirty snow cycles here. Then when spring comes it’s clean/dirty streets…. then fall brings clean/dirty (with leaves) yards…. cycle of life.

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