Kawandi Nearing Completion in Nova Scotia- guest blog

Colleen’s Kawandi (definition below) she is working on now, lots of hand stitching, nearing completion.

Also Photos below of two quilts Colleen completed in Fall 2021

Colleen writes from Nova Scotia

The bright colours help when things can get a bit grey and dreary – a nice escape.

Handstitched Kawandi by Colleen

The Kawandi are all hand sewn from bits and pieces so it’s relaxing. I took a Zoom class Sujata Shah to learn how they’re made. Margaret Fabrizio is the kawandi maker who inspired me most. She is in her early 90s now and does amazing work. She used to be a world class harpsichord player (played Carnegie Hall) and I believe a professor in California among other things. She is on YouTube and has very colourful stories to tell including one about her friendship with MFK Fisher.” Colleen

Kawandi is a style of quilt created by the Siddi people of India, traditionally sewn by hand with scraps and are improvisational and frequently made of saris snd used clothing.”

Recent Quilt stitched by Colleen
Fall 2021 Quilt stitched by Colleen

If you’ve been following the blog, Colleen made me a quilted mug rug in 2011 and here’s the blog post

6 thoughts on “Kawandi Nearing Completion in Nova Scotia- guest blog

  1. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Colleen has completed so many quilts over the past years, and every one is full of amazing color. Some years ago I was visiting my family in Nova Scotia and Colleen hosted a lovely tea for my mum and sisters. They didn’t know what to expect because Colleen traditionally wears a lot of subdued colors (black mostly). Imagine their surprise when she opened the door and they walked into this explosion of color in her eclectic and bohemian decor. And to top off the day she entertained us with a fashion show of most of her quilts. My sisters still talk about it ….

  2. Love the gorgeous colors – and making beautiful items out of scraps is a lovely low-stress activity. Thank you for sharing this amazing work!

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