Unexpected Mail

Home after being away for ten days. Steve bought a pizza for us. Found a pile of mail in the front hall; catalogs, bulk mail, a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon, a notice of a tangelos and grapefruit delivery, a bank statement and the water bill. A few Christmas cards and the Barbie scrubs I ordered  for Christmas from Etsy. A nice card with a Starbucks giftcard from Cj. AND a “Mug Rug” with a Norfolk VA postmark from Colleen, a long time friend of Joanne in Omaha.  Joanne insists that Colleen and I have met but we haven’t– yet! Colleen stitched a quilted “mug rug” and sent it to me with a lovely card. (Depending on when you are reading this, I am writing on the 9th Day of Christmas so it is 9 Ladies Dancing, 10 Lords-a-Leaping, Mary.) I love the numbers on the fabric.  There were instructions for a cup of tea and room for two cookies on the side but I didn’t want to cover up the fabric for the photo. What a happy surprise to find a handmade gift in the sea of fliers and junkmail! And how fortunate Steve had some cookies to supply for the shot.  What a great way to end the vacation. And Deb B I like the quote on your handmade card.

“How we choose to think,

Determines what we will see,

And so it is that we,

Create our reality.”

(a quote but no attribution, maybe someone will help find the source)


It is a happy 2011 already. Thanks friends.

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Thank goodness Steve had some cookies a patient brought him. Delicious with Good Earth tea. (after the photo)

6 thoughts on “Unexpected Mail

  1. I hope you had a wonderful stay with your family. That photo is so appetizing that I made myself a cup of tea here in Arizona. On our way back to the burgh. We’ve seen a lot and done a lot but I miss home.

  2. I love that quote!! Isn’t it funny that the way we are feeling shows up in a quote someone has already thought of! I don’t know what it is that gives you such a precious creativity for your photography – think your dad had something to do with it? He was such a wonderful man!

  3. What a nice idea….it is like a large coaster…..so smart! And I do like
    the color choices…..you could make one for every season. I know you enjoyed the holidays…..I am so glad you were able to spend time with your family! xox

  4. Great picture Ruth. I can’t believe you only got one bill while you were gone!!? Yet another reason to keep celebrating!

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