Fire Hydrant

Mueller still manufactures fire hydrants. They were founded in 1857. You can read about the company here

Did you know how far down they go under the ground? I looked them up and discovered a fire hydrant has a lot of parts. This one had Chattanooga Tennessee on it.

Found on Laura and James’ Street in Ohio. Where are your fire hydrants from?

When we were kids I remember my parents prompting us to observe and consider what we saw around us. The details. Like the name on the paper towel holder in a rest room. A sugar packet on a restaurant table. A label. Look for information you didn’t know before. Think about where it was made.

I’ll admit I’ve not thought much about fire hydrants before. I know not to park within 15 feet. Dogs favor them. I was surprised how far down into the ground they go. We see just the top. Reassuring to know they are there at the ready but hope to not need use of one.

A screen shot of their catalog in case you need to order.

5 thoughts on “Fire Hydrant

  1. Great info on the fire hydrant, I’ve never really thought about them before. Love the advice your parents gave you all about prompting you to observe and consider what you saw around you, details you didn’t know before. That’s such a great way to learn. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It’s like you are reading my mind Ruth. Donuts are my favorite food group and I frequently drive around town in search of fire hydrants learning all I can about them. I can’t wait to see what tomorrows blog is about? dc

  3. I loved that you parents told you to observe everything around you. You developed an eye and became a great photographer! I will now look at fire hydrants differently.

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  5. I love how encouraging your parents were of small details, and of paying attention. I’ll have to take a peek at the one near our yard and get the info for it.

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