How Do You Feel About Doughnuts?

Although I don’t think of myself as a “doughnut person”, this doughnut has to be the most delicious one I’ve eaten in my adult life.

A friend brought it over for me. Right now they are take-out only. Made in Bloomfield at Bitter Ends Garden Luncheonette on Liberty Avenue. “Find our doughnuts with THYME MACHINE Wed-Fri 8am-NOON out front of our shop!”

Yeasty, fresh and delicious.

16 thoughts on “How Do You Feel About Doughnuts?

  1. I love doughnuts! However, I haven’t eaten one in years. I’m on a gluten-free diet, so no doughnuts for me! (Sob 😥)

  2. I go nuts for donuts. We have some upscale donut places here in SW Florida that are very good. dc

  3. I never tasted a donut that I didn’t like. They are a treat these days limited to special occasions like visiting our grandchildren.This one looks especial enticing.

    • Oh my Stef you came by to visit me today. Thank you for all the lovely comments. You’ve been following me for quite some time now and you always have an encouraging word. Thank you.

      • I know my visits are more sporadic than in the past…. but I still read each of your posts! Sometimes just have to catch up on a few weeks in a single sitting.

      • You are so good to read the posts and leave a good word! Thanks Stef. Can you believe Jack is 15? Just posted for his bday. You’ve been visiting for years!

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