Who Knew?

National Sock Monkey Day

is Monday March 7th

I know this absurd fact because my friend Joanne sent me her daily Pandemic Painting and told me so! She and her sisters paint daily for two years now but I’ll do a separate post about their prompts and the paintings they create and share with one another.

Joanne’s Daily Watercolor

My sister Mary my daughter Laura and my grandson Charles and I have been to The Sock Monkey Museum in Rockford, Illinois . (Mary and I went another time, too). here’s one post from that exhibit

Laura and Charlie

I’ve sewn a lot of sock monkeys. Here are two.

https://rutheh.com/2018/01/06/the-sock-monkey-book/ a book I illustrated about how to make a sock monkey

Sock monkey tag on previous blogposts

10 thoughts on “Who Knew?

  1. How fun to paint every day for two years now! Great way to move through the pandemic !
    And of course you have made sick monkeys – why I am not surprised – Ruth – you are the woman of many talents

  2. My first thought was, What? There are other crazy families that do that? And then I realized who you were talking about. 🙂 Their daily paintings are always amazing.

  3. This post simply makes me smile on a sunny morning in southern Minnesota. Who knew there was a special day for sock monkeys and a Sock Monkey Museum, which I would love to visit. Thank you for also sharing that wonderful art. I look forward to your post about that daily art project among sisters.

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