The Sock Monkey Book

Some of you’ve seen the little sock monkey I keep on my camera lens. He stretches around the cylinder, a gutted Beanie Baby. I’ve got a sweet spot for them.

Eleven years ago I made this Sock Monkey Book for granddaughter Anna(14 now). I found it on a shelf while re-shelving some children’s books at Mark and Erika’s. Finding some books to pass on to the younger grandchildren. Not sure if these blank Little Golden Books are still available but it was fun to make.

I’ve sewn a lot of sock monkeys over the years. This book tells the story of transforming a pair of Rockford Socks into a lovable toy.

The finished sock monkey joins the other toys.

17 thoughts on “The Sock Monkey Book

  1. Ava, age 3, loves the sock monkey you have on your camera. The day we looked at the photo of her with the family she said, “Roof did that. Where is her monkey?” I said, “I think she took it to Germany with her.” And Ava said, “I tried to get it.”

  2. That is lovely! I did not know you could purchase blank Golden Books and create your own … must look into that. JB

  3. Things created by hand have special meaning. My mother-in-law would quietly sew needlepoint and sequence. You could tell that there was love in each and a every stitch. We still have some of her creations and have passed some on to our children and other family members. We can still picture her sitting in her chair sewing when we would visit her. We talk about it at times. You too have created special moments through your thoughtfulness and handiwork. It is a generous thing that you do.

  4. “Sequins”…Sorry…..I cannot allow myself a misspelling if I recognize it. I do not want to disappoint the Nuns who taught me during my 12 years at St. Joes’s.

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