Found Furniture

So fun to turn down a one way street to try to get back to the main drag in Dormont and find this couch by the side of a building. Waiting for me. Rear view mirror check, pull to the curb. No one behind. Even better. Blinkers on. Window rolled down. Click. Like finding the hidden egg in a hunt.

Glenmore off Potomac Avenue in Dormont

7 thoughts on “Found Furniture

  1. We had some furniture that we were no longer using. We found a Catholic priest who collects furniture and takes it to the Appalachian regions of Kentucky.He told us that at one point he took three semi truckloads at a time. Interesting that he was an over the toad semi driver prior to becoming a priest. Hey, one man’s trash….well you know the rest. Wonder if he might have used this.

  2. I feel the same sense of euphoria upon spotting scenes like this cast-away couch. I noticed an umbrella stroller in a tree just up the hill from my house. Once I recover from this nasty gastrointestinal bug that has afflicted me for several days, I’ll have to photograph it…if it’s still there.

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