Gato de Muez de Pesah Walnut and Orange Passover Cake

I am at my sister’s in NYC and sifting through old recipes and photos. This is from 2011.
When I googled this recipe title, from the one she wrote down on a piece of composition paper, I discovered that it is from The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York by Claudia Roden who says it is the Passover Cake of Istanbul and it is imperative to use walnuts that are not stale! You can see the actual recipe in the link above, if you have trouble viewing the handwritten version

Here is a  link to a Youtube Video with
Claudia Roden an Interview on Jewish Food from the British Library 

The photo of the recipe cuts off the word STIFF but that is how you need to beat those egg whites.


8 thoughts on “Gato de Muez de Pesah Walnut and Orange Passover Cake

  1. How fun to look through old recipes. This one sounds really delicious. I’m glad you are in NYC with your dear sister.

  2. Happy Easter, Ruth. Sounds delicious!
    Recalling the fun Easter we spent together, maybe in 2019? Enjoy your family.

  3. If somebody would bake it for me I’d eat it! Just kidding. I will send it to Marti though. I always did so much cooking on passover that I didn’t bake. I would buy passover baked goods. It sounds and looks delicious!

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