C is for Chocolate Covered Cherry

My friend brought a fancy box of chocolates when she came to dinner Saturday night. And they are delicious. The Betsy Ann Chocolates business is close to her home. Lucky us!

One of the pieces was a chocolate covered cherry (with the “c” on top) just as she advised me. I like to eat a chocolate covered cherry on occasion.

Do you?

Chocolate Covered cherries. Yes or no?

13 thoughts on “C is for Chocolate Covered Cherry

  1. Unlike vegetables which I know on sight or by name that they will taste awful (it’s a gift) I can tell that a chocolate covered cherry would be delicious even though I’ve never had one. So definitely YES. dc

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  3. Oh, I bet this was delicious. I haven’t had a chocolate covered cherry in decades. But this brings back memories. I learned to make chocolate covered cherries in a high school home ec class. My dad loved them. So every Christmas I would make chocolate covered cherries for him. Thanks for reminding me of this long forgotten sweet memory.

  4. Chocolate covered cherries remind me of our mother. They were the perfect gift for her. She allowed herself just one on occasion and enjoyed each bite.

  5. I like them as a rare (1x / year) treat. I prefer the ones covered in dark chocolate. YUM.

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