Kitchen Sink Cookies

Butter, eggs, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, oatmeal, raisins the basic start to a cookie……but then you add Grape-Nuts, chocolate chips, and coconut, toasted pecans…..Kitchen Sink Cookies (click for recipe). There are other recipes that add potato chips, pretzels and toffee.

Idiom “everything but the kitchen sink”

“……first print reference can be found in 1918 in the newspaper The Syracuse Herald. The expression became popular during World War II, where it was said that everything but the kitchen sink was thrown at the enemy.

No wheat germ on hand but I did toast the pecans
Parchment paper is essential

7 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink Cookies

  1. Wow, these look delicious! I’ve never heard of them before. Definitely adding these to the must try list. Thanks for sharing Ruth.

  2. Oh Ruth…These take me back to my childhood. Our mother made cookies like these. I am not sure of the ingredients that she used or did not use. What I do know is that they were so good and that with six kids they did not last long.

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