Retro American Tourister Train Case

The color is “Fawn”. I received a three piece American Tourister luggage set from my maternal grandparents on the occasion of my 1970 high school graduation. The two suitcases are gone. But here’s the train case.

The red, white and blue luggage tag is at home in Pittsburgh, I’m pretty sure. .

While I’m here in Columbus OH, I saw the remaining piece in the closet at Laura’s home. I asked her what’s in there? Calico Critters from her childhood.

See a 1970’s commercial advertising American Tourister Luggage here

The retro train case in the color fawn.
Calico Critters

9 thoughts on “Retro American Tourister Train Case

  1. I haven’t seen a train case in quite awhile. it’s great Laura has saved it to store another memory.

  2. I bet those critters are able to get out of the train case at night to explore the house and move stuff around. The dog is probably in on it too. Just saying. DC

  3. Ah, probably a lot of memories shut inside that suitcase. When my eldest got married in 2013, she opened her dad’s vintage hard-sided small green suitcase to use for cards at the reception. It was perfect and fit the other rustic touches.

  4. Brought back so many wonderful memories! My college roommates bought me a small 21” red American Tourister suitcase for my 21st birthday.

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