Rectifying a Mayo Stain with Reverse Tie Dye

Laura spilled some mayonnaise on her cotton dress. It left a nasty oily stain. Wash it with some Brown fels naphtha soap first before washing, I advised -she didn’t even leave the soap on – but it took the color out of the fabric. Hmmm so much for my advice.

My solution. Rubber bands and yarn ties all over the dress for a reverse tie dye in a solution of Clorox water. Good thing I’m a retired art teacher

You can see where the color came out along with the oily stain

21 thoughts on “Rectifying a Mayo Stain with Reverse Tie Dye

  1. You’re a wealth of great ideas. You created a special dress, more unique than the original.

  2. I’d love to try this. I have a few of my favorite dresses that have oily stains. Soo creative.

  3. I love the new appearance of the dress. It has a clever, artsy look. I predict that people are going to ask Laura where she got her dress.

  4. What a grand idea. I love how the dress turned out, actually like it more than the original. Tie dyeing is making a bit of a comeback. This may be a project to do with the grands. Whenever my nieces and nephews would visit from Michigan with their dad back in the day, we would tie dye tees on our lawn. So many memories.

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