Seven is Super

Charlie is seven today! And it’s halfway to Christmas. Oh my! Happy 7th Birthday Charlie!

It’s exciting to be here in person to celebrate together this year.

Early morning celebration

A few friends of his friends will come for cupcakes after lunch.

Seemed like his UNO birthday was just yesterday
It’s a Minecraft theme
220,752,000 seconds
A Scooby Doo Van

13 thoughts on “Seven is Super

  1. Charlie Rocks! Happy Birthday Charlie. We have 2 things in common. Same birthday, NO. Full head of beautiful hair. SADLY NO. But we both think your grandmother Ruthie is amazing. And, when I was your age……I was 7 too! What are the odds? dc

  2. It’s been a very fast 7 years! Happy birthday to sweet Charlie, so glad you can be there in person. Enjoy a wonderful day.

  3. Happy birthday Charlie! Love your T-shirt “It’s my Birthday!!” Erica in Pittsburgh

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