Ecru Couch Going and Coming

Another one for the collection. Garbage collection.

Laura was driving. I sat in the back seat on the left side on the way to the pool.

On the way home I sat in the passenger front seat. It was quick as she drove by.

I’d rolled the windows down.

I’d spotted the discarded couch earlier that afternoon but there was no place safe to take the shot. I knew we were going to drive that direction later d was hoping the garbage truck didn’t get there first.

Thanks Laura.

Going to the pool via Broadway
Oh my, there it was. On the way home.
I was so excited to capture it in the frame as we drove by. It would not have been convenient to ask her to drive around the block.
Too soon

11 thoughts on “Ecru Couch Going and Coming

  1. I love seeing some
    Furniture curbside
    It makes us wonder about the item and all that
    And your couch here was interesting in that it was rather clean and looked like it had just been placed there
    Also – there wasn’t any other large furniture items nearby and the solo vibe adds to the image

    • Thanks Yvette. The discarded furniture definitely has lots to tell. I’ve been photographing curbside couches, chairs, tables and hope they get picked up by someone who needs them instead of the landfill.

      • I hope they get picked up and reused too – but nowadays with bed bugs and other things it seems like a big risk (IMHO) if it is cotton and stuff like that

        And I do like when you share Curbside finds!
        Your blog has so much varsity and originality the way you go about it

      • Nobody wants contamination or crawly things. Ugh. You’re right. My one friend says my blog is like a Kodak carousel slideshow and you don’t know what the next slide will be. Thanks for your good words, Yvette.

      • I like that slideshow idea and funny to see the word Kodak – crazy to think that going we generations won’t know that Iconic brand

      • Yeah – I barely know kodakcolor – ha
        It I do have a collectible Kodak photography book that I like – for content and because I know it is iconic –
        Got it for fifty cents

  2. I’m not so sure that is meant for garbage pickup. Looks to me like they get little sun on their porch and perhaps they just moved it into the sun! Yes, a chair would have been easier but this was likely on the porch so out it came. I bet they take it back in later. Just saying. dc

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