Have You Eaten a Pickled Egg?

This jar of Jalapeño eggs was spotted in Zanesville, Ohio when I stopped to use the restroom at the gas station on the way back to Pittsburgh. I bet these eggs are hot! They were right next to the jars of pickled beets. They got me thinking about pickled eggs I found an article in Mental Floss why bars sell pickled eggs which I really didn’t know much about. I also learned there are recipes in case you want to pickle some hard boiled eggs- here’s a recipe for pink pickled eggs from The Guardian

Have time to read a more detailed recipe? Click here Pickled Eggs and Pork Scratchings recipe by Madalene Bonvini-Hamel; Chef, Photographer and Founder of The British LarderThe British Larder

But if it’s the Jalapeño Eggs you want to taste and you can’t find a jar like I did, these take just seven days to make.

Jalapeño Eggs. Yes or No?

12 thoughts on “Have You Eaten a Pickled Egg?

  1. Pickled eggs in malt vinegar used to be a feature on the counter of all fish and chip shops in the UK, along with some pubs.

  2. I love eggs. I love them almost anyway you can prepare them. I love them scrambled. I love them fried. I love them soft-boiled. I love deviled eggs. I love egg salad. I love a scrambled egg sandwich and a fried egg on a burger. However, I’ve never been a fan of hard- boiled eggs, and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be a fan of these pickled ones.

  3. I have never eaten a pickled egg. I would not mind trying one given the opportunity. When I was a young boy I would go into a local tavern with my father. I remember seeing a big jar of eggs in purple juice that I now suspect was beet juice. It seemed like the same eggs were always there. I never saw anybody eat one. I wonder if that jar was ever opened over the years.

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