Blue Cheese Yes or No?

Do you like to eat blue/bleu cheese? Blue cheese dressing? “Blue cheese is made using Penicillium, a type of mold that’s responsible for its unique taste, smell, and appearance. Unlike other types of mold, Penicillium does not produce toxins and is safe to consume.”

Wait, that’s NOT blue cheese.
That’s a slab of marble metamorphic rock!
But it made me think of blue cheese.

Blue cheese how it’s made video

Jellycat makes an amuseable plush toy that’s a soft slab of blue cheese. With legs! You can see it here

Marble seems to have similar veins

12 thoughts on “Blue Cheese Yes or No?

  1. Hi – the only blue cheese I ever enjoyed was at a New Zealand burger place in town and it was the most unique kind and not like the cheap stinky stuff I remembered from cheap options
    However – I had a sore throat all night after eating it and the only thing that helped was rinsing sigh peroxide !
    Ruth – it was weird and I am sure it had to do with the cultures you mentioned and other strands of stuff
    But wow – it was just so unique

  2. That plush (and its friends) cracked me up! (In a good way.) I’m only in for bleu cheese in tiny amounts. A flavoring agent for sure…

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