A Bald Cypress in Clintonville Ohio

A deciduous conifer -the Bald Cypress
In Whetstone Park by the playground and library

I used the inaturalist Seek app to identify this magnificent tree

This tree has inspired much poetry and prose over the centuries due to its melancholy and mysterious appearance. Longfellow refers to its “towering and tenebrous boughs” that “waved like banners that hang on the walls of ancient cathedrals” in his 1847 poem, Evangeline. Naturalist John Muir in his book Thousand-Mile Walk refers to “the dark, mysterious cypress woods which cover everything” and states that “night is coming on and I am filled with indescribable loneliness.”- click text for ArborDay source


6 thoughts on “A Bald Cypress in Clintonville Ohio

  1. I suppose at first glance it is a beautiful tree. Yet my mind immediately has me seeing it as a problem. It stands so proud and defiant, the branches making a laughing almost sneering sound as a breeze whispers through. Standing so majestically between my golf ball and the green! Dc

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