A Horseshoes Court (With Pits)

You’ve heard of a ringer. In your memory can you hear the sound of horseshoes being pitched and hitting the metal stake or the thud as it hits the dirt? Or wooden backboard? Not just a pastime of yesteryear. Here’s a video of the best Horseshoe Pitcher ever.

The pits are protected with metal covers shown in photos below.

Turns out I wasn’t in town for the horseshoes tournament held July 2nd.

If you’re in Ohio, you can check out the Ohio Horseshoe Pitchers Association page.

“an excerpt from the Horseshoe Pitching Glossary

Pit – A rectangular area around the stake, and between the platforms, that is filled with a pit substance into which the shoes are pitched. (See page 9, RULE 2, Section B, and page 39, II – SPECIFICATIONS FOR COURT LAYOUT, Section B, 4.a; also see diagram on inside back cover and page 48) Pit Substance – The material into which horseshoes are pitched. Clay, sand, dirt, and approved synthetic compositions are all legal pit substances. (See page 41, II – SPECIFICATIONS FOR COURT LAYOUT, Section B.9)

Basic Horseshoe Rules

Whetstone Horseshoe Club Clintonville Ohio

Panoramic View of Whetstone Horseshoe Court

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  1. I spent a lot of time in the rural country. Horseshoe pits were common. My brother has a pit in his back yard. I think there are some in our parks. I have never seen pits as nice as these. I have played on occasion.I have family any friends who were very good. Not me tho.It has been a long time sinceI have played.

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