A Horseshoes Court (With Pits)

You’ve heard of a ringer. In your memory can you hear the sound of horseshoes being pitched and hitting the metal stake or the thud as it hits the dirt? Or wooden backboard? Not just a pastime of yesteryear. Here’s a video of the best Horseshoe Pitcher ever.

The pits are protected with metal covers shown in photos below.

Turns out I wasn’t in town for the horseshoes tournament held July 2nd.

If you’re in Ohio, you can check out the Ohio Horseshoe Pitchers Association page.

“an excerpt from the Horseshoe Pitching Glossary

Pit – A rectangular area around the stake, and between the platforms, that is filled with a pit substance into which the shoes are pitched. (See page 9, RULE 2, Section B, and page 39, II – SPECIFICATIONS FOR COURT LAYOUT, Section B, 4.a; also see diagram on inside back cover and page 48) Pit Substance – The material into which horseshoes are pitched. Clay, sand, dirt, and approved synthetic compositions are all legal pit substances. (See page 41, II – SPECIFICATIONS FOR COURT LAYOUT, Section B.9)

Basic Horseshoe Rules

Whetstone Horseshoe Club Clintonville Ohio

Panoramic View of Whetstone Horseshoe Court

Murano Marbles

Today my sister and I visited our Aunt Rhea.  We had a nice visit, looked at our grandmother’s photo album together, and ate lunch with tapioca for dessert.

Next to her couch were her colorful glass marbles  from Murano (a puzzle you are to jump in a straight line- NOT  Chinese Checkers)

The light was coming in through her window.  I shot this with  my phone.

Murano Marbles