The Happiest of Birthdays

We’re celebrating my daughter Laura’s birthday today. It’s been an entire happy week of excitement as August first was the arrival of grandson Roy Samuel (weighing in at exactly six pounds) I’ve been fortunate to be here with the family this week.

Happy Birthday, Laura. ❤️ love, Ma

Taking a walk with baby Roy and big brother Charlie

25 thoughts on “The Happiest of Birthdays

  1. What a beautiful, moving post!!! Happy Birthday, Laura Christine!!! Love to everyone, from Pittsburgh.

  2. Unless I happen to find a nice chair left on the curb today this has to be the best news of the day! Welcome Roy and happy birthday Laura. So glad you could be there with them Ruth. dc

  3. Ruthie what a BEAUTIFUL family you have. Hugs to you and HAPPY BIRHDAY wishes to Laura. I remember when she arrived. So many blessings. gar

  4. Happy Birthday Laura! Welcome Roy! And congratulations to Laura and family! Congratulations Ruth! What a beautiful family!

  5. Happy Birthday Laura, love the pictures. This has been an exciting week filled with lots of blessings

  6. Happy Birthday Laura! Congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your son, Roy! Great photos.

  7. Happiest of birthdays to you Laura! You have received the best gift ever …. your beautiful little boy.

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