Our Walks Have to be Longer

My friend and I went walking the other morning. There’s is no way our steps were sufficient to counteract the calories -given she brought over a box of Oliver’s Donuts. Jen likes to support her local businesses. Remember her last pastries, I posted ?

I photographed the donuts in two lights, sunshine and shade. Their Signature donut is the Huckleberry. The middle ones are summer seasonal Lemon Lavender. She took the rest to her daughter’s work.

A rich chocolate ganache (Death by Chocolate) and a vanilla with sprinkles in the back. Fancy! I ate half of a Huckleberry (we split it) and a spoonful of the ganache. Death by Chocolate is not kidding! I was happy with my choices. Coffee was a perfect pairing

“ Our sour cream cake donuts have a dense, moist interior with a crispy outside. We always use Pittsburgh-region grown & milled organic flour. We make our donuts fresh throughout the day.”

In sunshine on the front porch
In the shade, still on the front porch

18 thoughts on “Our Walks Have to be Longer

  1. While they look good – I am going to be a Debbie downer here and just say it is crap food like this that people eat every single day and it takes such a hit on health – so while these are good looking art donuts – no fuel here – if anything it causes a crash and is not about calories but the organs get depleted

    • Thanks for commenting today Darlene. It’s always good to hear from you and know you stopped by.

  2. Good morning Ruth. Friendships are so valuable. I am envisioning you and your friend Jen strolling along sharing pleasant conversation and some laughter as well. Continuing with a donut and coffee sure seems harmless to me. Like friendships sharing a treat can be comforting. Now if you were having early morning double Beefeater Martinis straight up with a twist I would be concerned. Our lives can be so hectic. Every once in awhile we just need to stop and enjoy a good donut don’t you think.?

  3. Donuts with a friend. Perfect. The flavors and hues are beyond anything that I’ve ever seen or heard of. I say enjoy the occasional treat. I’d gladly pluck a donut from that box and probably photograph them also. Thanks for sharing this sweetness with us, Ruth.

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