Carousel at Idlewild Park

The horses, the lights, the Wurlitzer music- all of these evoke childhood memories of carousels past.

Sunday afternoon I rode the carousel at Idlewild Park

Idlewild Park came into existence when William Darlington, owner of the property, gave “the right and privilege to occupy his land for picnic purposes or pleasure grounds” to Judge Thomas Mellon, owner of the Ligonier Valley Railroad. The date was May 1, 1878

I’ve posted other carousels these two I ride with my sister Mary. Coney Island and Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo, Brooklyn (you can click to see posts)

Columbus Zoo Grand Carousel and Kennywood n

And Joanne created a carousel guest blog from St. Augustine snd Switzerland

August 2021

7 thoughts on “Carousel at Idlewild Park

  1. Great pictures, there is something magical about riding a carousel when you’re a kid.

  2. Too scary for me. They go around and go up and down sometimes and way too fast. All I could do was watch my little sister ride it! Dc

  3. Love the carousel. It is the sound of the band organ that always brings back childhood memories. The band organ is different than the calliope which is played at the circus.

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