Rocking Horses in the City Redux

You’ve seen the Rocking Horses in the City if you’ve followed me for a few years. I haven’t seen any new rocking horses to add to this repost. I can tell you there’s more discarded furniture than there are rocking horses.

Alley in Arlington Neighborhood

Here’s a Gallery of rocking horses seen around Pittsburgh, from previous blogposts.

East Liberty on Broad Street
Zeke’s Coffee Roaster building is boarded up now
East Liberty Rooftop
Bloomfield Neighborhood
A Window in Garfield Neighborhood

7 thoughts on “Rocking Horses in the City Redux

  1. This is a mystery. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tossed rocking horse. These ought to be collected an displayed in some odd park or a gallery. I would go to view a collection. So vintage and just plain quirky.

  2. I had a rocking horse as a kid that huge springs that pinched fingers if one wasn’t careful. Ah, the 1970s. 😉

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