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I received this photo from long time friend Shuey this afternoon. He’s in Oklahoma. It’s in front of a bank,he says.

This bronze sculpture by artist Bradford J. Williams It’s in front of the Bank of Western Oklahoma in Woodward.

It symbolizes the handshake as a true meaning of a “Binding Contract” link

“Binding Contact”

“Binding Contact”
One of my favorite statues: Woodward, OK.

You might remember one of Shuey’s guest posts of a Barred Owl. That is is you’ve been following the blog eleven years! It is one of the most viewed posts on the blog’s existence, last time I checked.

Barred Owl in Niceville, Florida

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  1. He is a serious rider. He is still on his Honda ST 1100. I think that it is his bike. I remember a time when he stopped in Pittsburgh and I met him. I think it might have been for your art show. I might be making that part up. I remember him riding in the snow. You sent pictures. Reminds me of my Harley trips. I rode in the snow once too. My brother’s retirement gift to himself was to drive the entire length of RTE 66 from Chicago. Wonder if he saw this statue. I will send it to him to find out.

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