Ohio Autumn Landscape

Had a wonderful time in the desert terrain, the mountains, the cacti, the National Forest, the wedding and surrounding festivities. It was all beautiful. And of course I enjoyed knitting around the fire pit with good friends, too.

But these autumnal colors called to me before sunset. I’d just gotten off the plane. Here as I looked around the landscape I saw the familiar. I pulled off at the rest stop along the interstate as it was such a contrast from where I’d been just this morning. Tried to capture it.

Inspiration for Van Gogh

9 thoughts on “Ohio Autumn Landscape

  1. Ahhh Home. Visiting is great and different and inspiring but home is comforting and sure… I LOVE coming home.

  2. Our son just drove up from Charlotte and our daughter just drove over from Philly. We talked about appreciating the beauty of the trees and how we are looking forward to seeing the colors change as Fall progresses.

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