Lješnjaci Yes or No?

Greetings from Zagreb.

It’s Lješnjaci season. Hazelnuts. Do you like hazelnuts? I’ve never seen them sold like this in the USA but they grow and are harvested here in Croatia. These lješnjaci are out of the shell and sold in net bags. .

Corylus avellana. Hazelnuts are sweet with characteristic slight notes of musty and earthy. One of the significant flavor mixtures found in hazelnuts is fiber tone. Filbertone is a naturally occurring ketone found in hazelnut oil. It has a roasted, marbled, sweet, and long-lasting character”

https://youtu.be/w9NY1rTnALo video of harvesting hazelnuts in Croatia

13 thoughts on “Lješnjaci Yes or No?

  1. Yes on hazelnuts. I believe we used to call them “filberts” in this country but now I think hazelnuts is used. I love baking with them.

  2. Love Hazelnuts, l never picked them, but have spent hours cleaning them from the prickly shell.

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