Winter Frost Pineberries

All I can say is I would not buy them again. Oh, that’s right, I didn’t buy them in the first place. Laura did. They were pretty and tasted fresh but I couldn’t describe the flavor. Not strawberry.

“Pineberry is a hybrid cross from Fragaria chiloensis and Fragaria virginiana.[1] A pineberry is smaller than a common strawberry, measuring between 15 to 23 mm (0.6 to 0.9 in). When ripe, it is almost completely white, but with red achenes (the seeds). The plant is disease-resistant, and highly priced, although not profitable due to small-scale farming, small berry size and low yield.[2]” Wikipedia

7 thoughts on “Winter Frost Pineberries

  1. I have seen Pineberries in a gourmet food store. Now I know all about them. Thanks Ruth.

  2. I have never seen nor heard about this fruit. Given their looks, I’m not sure I would purchase them. Glad to hear I’m not missing out. 🙂

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