Annual Fruitcake Reveal

Thank you for the gift of a delicious homemade fruitcake like none other!

I’m loving that darling Tea Cozy too. No matches allowed near that muslin cloth wrapping it!

My sister Mary and I indulged today, now we are back in the Burgh.

A great way to start the new year.

Do you like fruitcake? I especially like this homemade one, chock full of wonderful ingredients.

11 thoughts on “Annual Fruitcake Reveal

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  2. I personally do not care for fruitcake. However, my husband loves it and makes this special gift last a long time.

  3. The fruit cake looks delicious, I remember my mom making them.
    Your tea cozy is cute. Enjoy!

  4. Homemade is the only way! Never the commercial Collins Street Bakery kind. If that’s all people have had, they don’t really know fruitcake. Yours looks just delicious!

  5. In my family, my dad always made the annual fruitcake and it was quite the elaborate procedure. I wonder if the recipe came from his English mother? My sister makes her departed mother-in-law’s white fruitcake recipe topped with almonds each year as a Christmas gift for her husband. And every year he seems surprised by the gift! (Good husband, that one.) I make fruitcake cookies and I love them …. a little sherry in the recipe.

  6. Yay for fruitcake! I’ve only had store bought ones – but I imagine homemade ones are even better. A lovely way to begin the new year.

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