Miniature Dining Room at CMOA

Carnegie Museum of Art Miniature Gallery

“This dining room is one of three reproductions that Sarah Mellon Scaife commissioned around 1950. It was made by a New York gallery and interior decorator, French & Company, as a tiny copy of the actual dining room at Penguin Court, the Scaife residence in Ligonier, PA

The mansion at penguin Court has been demolished and the 900+ acre property is a conservancy

13 thoughts on “Miniature Dining Room at CMOA

  1. I love miniatures like this one — which is beautiful! When I was in England, I saw the miniature of Windsor Castle that had been commissioned by the Queen Mother. It was fantastic too!

  2. I’ve built miniatures of buildings for friends’ model railroads, a model of the USS Constitution and many other military models, but . . . nothing compared to the detail in this dining room. It’s incredible! How can the artists even work with thread fine enough for the brocade and tapestries? I wonder how much it cost in today’s dollars? CMOA is definitely now on my list of places to visit. Thanks Ruth.


  3. I am always astonished at the nonsense that very very rich people will indulge in. Think of what else that is more valuable to society that could be done with all that money and talent. I love art, but this is just silly. Have you been to the Frick Home/Museum in NYC? Paintings of french aristocrats dressed as a shepardess – really??! I’m sure they would never consider touching a sheep, but pretending – ah yes! Sorry about the rant, but this is a pet peeve of mine.

  4. I enjoyed lookking at this. What talent this person had to do this. Many people love minitures things. I’m one!

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