Morning Frost

Frost causes lethal damage to crops, fruits and plants. You know how aggravating it is-scraping it off a car window. Florida friends were getting all their orchids and plants inside recently as there was frost. In fact their situation was more intense than frost with unexpected below freezing temps. I think it was ICE!

It’s interesting how frost forms and the crystals are beautiful, too. I learned there are four types and if you want to learn all about frost click on this article from the National Geographic.

This early morning I noticed how the frost looked on different objects.

Frosted Glass
Frost on a dead plant
Frost on a hinged plastic lid.
Frost on the grass Sunday morning
Learning how summer turns to autumn with the assistance of a mysterious man (Spoiler: hinting he might be Jack Frost)

I used to read a book written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg to the kids titled….

8 thoughts on “Morning Frost

  1. I’ve had enough with frost but the photos are very good. Love the deck and back yard. dc

  2. The landscape in Minnesota has been layers in beauty from our most recent winter storm, although sun and wind have now removed most of the “icing.” It amazes me to see dormant grass in your images when all I see is snow. Interesting frost images.

  3. A very interesting post, Ruth. I’ve never given much thought to frost. The National geographic article is fascinating, and so at the accompanying photos. Thanks.

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