Just the other day, my friend Joanne told me of a documentary about Hummus. She sent me the trailer on YouTube and I was able to stream it and watch the various cultures claim the origin of this Middle Eastern Chickpea dish. Here’s the trailer of the film

Hummus and Pita Chips from Pitaland in Pittsburgh or dip fresh vegetables as an alternative

Chickpeas high in fiber and can lower cholesterol – two health benefits listed.

Hummus recipe you can make at home

Hummus Yes or no? If yes, What do you pair it with? Do you make your own?

“Oren Rosenfeld Award winning Documentary “Hummus The Movie” official trailer. Beyond the mystique and competition, and even beyond religious and political divides, Hummus! showcases the personal stories of the colorful women and men who love their Hummus. Secret recipes, a Guinness World Record and the power of Hummus to bring Muslims, Christians and Jews together… in the Middle East, America and around the world.

15 thoughts on “Hummus

  1. Nice
    I definitely enjoyed this documentary! It was interesting to see the different cultures behind Hummus and the various ways people enjoy it. I loved the way it showed the power of Humus to bring people together from different backgrounds.
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  2. I love hummus and eat it almost daily. I make my own sometimes and often buy it in the grocery store. It makes the perfect vege dip.

  3. I used to like hummus, but as I get older I have less tolerance for garlic – so, a former hummus enjoyer, I guess……

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