Basket Cheese

I was standing at Labriola’s Italian Grocery deli counter and it’s the first time I saw Basket Cheese. I asked about it. It’s only sold at Easter time. It can be used to make Easter pies or you eat a slice with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. A firm ricotta like cheese. There are recipes. Recipes to make basket cheese at home and recipes to use the store-bought version to bake savory pies for Easter. There are sweet recipes too. Here’s a recipe for savory Italian Easter Pie

It’s called “basket cheese” because it’s formed in a basket and you can see the imprint of the weaving on the side of the cheese.

“Basket cheese is mild in flavor, so it forms a great combination with bread. It is eaten along with jam or honey and thus forms a great breakfast. Many people enjoy basket cheese as an afternoon snack. Relish its taste with olive oil, pepper and salt its yummy.”

8 thoughts on “Basket Cheese

  1. It looks very similar to a goat’s cheese that’s a regular offering here, Ruth. It’s quite bland and combines well with other toppings.

  2. Dear Ruth…You have an eye for the unusual. As a result we learn something new from you frequently. I remember you saying that your father, or maybe your mother, taught you to be curious about everything and look for details. As a result you take time to look for the things that many of us pass by without noticing. You had very knowledgeable parents for sure.

  3. Next time I’m in Mario’s Italian Market I’ll look for it, have to go soon I guess since it is only available around Easter. You do find things of interest in so many categories. dc

    • I think in some locations it’s sold year around but my Italian grocery sells it only at Easter. That one savory pie recipe is packed with pounds of meat.

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