A Slightly Wrinkled Black and White Cookie

Being in my backpack, as Mary and I walked around the city on Monday, this cookie looks a little worse for wear. But the taste snd enjoyment were not diminished in the least. Delicious! it’s a soft cookie with half vanilla half chocolate glaze.

I won’t take a poll on whether or not you like them cause I read they are pretty much a Northeast and Florida treat. I’ve seen smaller ones in Ohio.

Black and White Cookie from Rocco’s Pasticceria on Bleecker Street NYC bag a gift from my sister.
Sock knitting inside.

The Barefoot Contessa Black and White Cookies recipe

King Arthur Baking Company Recipe for Black and White Cookies

NYTimes Recipe is named Perfect Black and White Cookies only makes a dozen 😢

St.Rocco in the bakery

10 thoughts on “A Slightly Wrinkled Black and White Cookie

  1. They made them in Delaware in the forties. My friends grandmother made them all the time . They were yummy.

  2. Growing up in eastern PA I never had one but they look delicious. Great for those who can’t decide on a flavor!

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