Throwback Thursday Childhood Favorites

My grown up children have families of their own now. This little grouping of their special childhood toys is one I took using a Polaroid transfer process. If you’ve been a follower for a time you might remember this picture. That was the first sock monkey I ever made, about 47 years ago. You know I have trouble disposing of anything with a face looking at me. I actually matted and framed it. Was dusting it today and felt nostalgic. Thought it was a good Throwback Thursday from the archives.

Ned, the Cabbage Patch premie, came with a different name when Laura received it for her 4th birthday in 1987. Fessie the Pound Puppy is in Ohio these days. And little green doggie resides in Zagreb now.

7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Childhood Favorites

    • Thanks Darlene. What else can you do with well loved bedraggled toys? Gather them in for a photo shoot.

  1. Hopefully someday they will all be able to get together and talk about old times and current events. dc

  2. You must be thrilled that they are being loved by the next generation, having spread their wings all over the world. Love it!

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