One Room School in Illinois

I found this photo of my father, standing outside the school where he taught? Looks like there’s a rope to pull a bell. But I don’t know

My father taught all grades in a one room schoolhouse in Illinois and this was BEFORE he went to college.

Roy J. Hendricks, teacher

6 thoughts on “One Room School in Illinois

  1. Ruth, The recipe you put in for your Birthday Cake ,My mother’s recipe paper is dated 12, 14 , 1940. Hot Milk Sponge cake exact recipe. Yes ,I’m a 40’s baby. Also, I love the picture. I also ,have had old negatives printed that I have found that makes for interesting pictures.

  2. I. looked at the picture with the students and thought, “that is a whole lot of kids!”

  3. His students don’t look particularly happy – but he does! A K-12 teacher before he went to college; that’s something!

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