One AM Rocket Launch

Here’s a video I took (sans tripod), Wednesday night. I had wondered what it would look like from my spot on the beach which is about twenty miles away from Cape Canaveral . It was probably a once in a lifetime experience for me. There are fewer “firsts” as we age. There was also a full moon out over the Atlantic. Thanks Marlene for the “launch alert.” It was something to see! There’s a still shot and then the video, see the blast light up the sky.

Here’s the video for the patient. It’s 3 + minutes long. It was remarkable to witness the launch.

One AM Rocket Launch. Yes, I should have turned the camera to landscape in
Just the beginning. Like a hot sunrise on the horizon
This is what was launched
The moon was bright -taken before midnight

7 thoughts on “One AM Rocket Launch

  1. Reporting live from Cape Canaveral Florida this is Ruthie Hendricks with WSOC in Pittsburgh PA. The launch is carrying a payload which includes a pair of socks and a sweater I knitted. NASA will run tests to see how they hold up in space. Future launches may have astronauts fitted with Designs by Ruthie as protection from the harsh elements. Knitted items are currently being tested in Columbus Ohio, going through extremely unbelievable circumstances. If the knitted items can withstand what Charlie and Roy are putting them through a complete line for astronauts will likely have no difficulty on Mars. Ruthie Hendricks, WSOC, back to you Lester. dc

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