Anchovies- Yes or No?


Epicurious says “There are more polarizing things than anchovies, but these tiny, briny fish definitely have their fans and their foes. If you fall into the former category, however, these anchovy recipes are for you.(41 Recipes)

If yes, how do you prefer to eat them?

If no, you can elaborate.

13 thoughts on “Anchovies- Yes or No?

  1. I love them! Definitely yes for me. I eat them right out of the can. When I was in Italy, they prepared them several ways — with a red sauce, lightly breaded and fried, with onions and a sweet and sour sauce, and plain with olive oil. They were all delicious. Yum! Anchovies!

  2. Recently tried a recipe from NYT cooking for anchovy/garlic butter sizzled salmon and it was best ever!

  3. YES! On pizza and in Caesar salads. With pizza, to be polite I often order anchovies only on half… But that takes restraint! Thought-provoking question. 🍕

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