Finding a Match

Mary, Maura and I spent some time this afternoon, trying to find pairs from a big box of clean socks. We are not the first team to attempt to match socks! As many as six family members have contributed to the accumulation. There were no-show socks, shorties, ankle socks, a couple of argyle and a ton of black and white athletic crew socks, some dress socks. A few holey socks were discarded. No hand knit socks on the pile!

From this

To this

In progress
Socks are under control. Maura standing with what I’d call a sneaker sock but nobody uses that term.

Some loners were left. Hopefully there are some matches in a drawer or under a bed.

7 thoughts on “Finding a Match

  1. When I visited my son’ s family in Ohio, they set me the same task. I got pretty good at it! M other son buys only black socks – all the same – for himself and two sons.

  2. When I first read the title of this post, my brain thought match as in small fire stick used to light a candle.

    Glad to see so many socks have found their mates! And yet, there are always some loners….

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